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Round Bar Hog Flooring

The "DPC Round Bar Flooring" stay cleaner saving you both time and money.

The DPC Hog Flooring will keep your hogs living in a cleaner environment giving you healthier hogs. keep your cleaning costs down which will give you less overhead

½ Inch Solid Hardened Steel!

  • Reduce Cost, Increase Life, Reduce Cleaning Time, and Improve Hog Performance!!
  • Made with 1/2 inch solid rod.
  • Engineered and manufactured by DPC in our shop!
  • Helps You Net PIGGER PROFITS
  • All Welded Construction
  • With or Without Support
  • This Flooring is manufactured with a special steel rod and is available with certain specification for use in Farrowing, Nursery, Gestation, and Nursery-Grow-Finish areas. (See Specifications below)


What you can expect from our Steel Flooring:

  • You Take More Pigs To Market
  • More surviving piglets per litter means more finished hogs to sell and greater profits for you
  • Floors stay dryer because the round steel rod shape permits quicker and more positive waste disposal
  • Saves labor becasue there is less enclosure cleaning work removing manure from floor surface
  • Better traction. Minimizes foot and leg abrasions
  • This may well be the last flooring you ever need to put in your buildings!
5' x 7' (2 pieces 30" x 84") Flooring 
4' x 8' (2 pieces 24" x 96") Flooring 
4' x 10' (2 pieces 24" x 120") Flooring 
Farrowing: F (Without Supports)FS (with Supports) 
Nursery: N(Without Supports)NS (with Supports) 
Gestation: G (Without Supports)G(with Supports)

Our new self-supported woven wire is bridge trussed with 1/2" solid bar stock.  The interlocking sections are made 24" or 30" wide and will span up to 10'.  When installed the seams are virtually undetectable and the interlocking tabs won't allow the floor to deflect or move around.  After fabrication we hot dip zinc galvanize the whole section, this process coats the whole floor in a thick layer of zinc, which is the best corrosion protection available.

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