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Gestation Stalls

Our unique “step down” gestation stall allows greater visibility and access to a gestating sow. It also allows the producer to easily vaccinate hogs and administer pregnancy tests. When cleaning the stall by hand or with a high pressure washer, this design allows the producer to cut his cleaning time in half! The heavy, solid rod construction will withstand the test of time. This 7' solid rod gestation stall is engineered and manufactured by DPC in our own shop!

Special Features:

·   Heavy-Duty Solid Rod Contruction


·   Adapts to Individual, Floor, or Trough Sow Feeding


·   Available in 22” and 24” Width.


·   Easy to Clean


·   Quick Installation


·   Front and Rear Swinging Doors


·   Galvanized Feed Drop

step down gestation Stalls

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