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Rocket Feeder

By Delphi Products

These Feeders Have Been Used Successfully for Over 15 Years!!

This Stainless Steel BASE RING and BOTTOM offers more 
advantages for LESS MONEY!


ROUND DESIGN: This 6 feed compartment Round Feeder allows more hogs to comfortable eat from each space without crowding.


SAVES FEED: Large diameter Feeder and large Feeder spaces allows hogs to eat and drink over the feeder, reducing loss of feed and water.


FRESHER FEED: The 8” PVC feed hopper delivers fresher feed with it's limited holding capacity, which dramatically reduces feed dust in the air, making for a healthier growing environment.

Special Features

  • Low Cost
  • Feed Stays Fresh
  • Proven Reduced Feed Waste
  • economically Priced
  • Faster Rate of Gain
  • More Head Room
  • Maintenance Free
  • Pigs Consume More Feed
  • Stainless Steel
  • No Hopper Agitation Required
  • On Demand Feeding
  • Easy Adjustment
  • Single Pen or In-Line Feeding