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Stainless Steel AQUA FEEDER® 
Wean-Market Feeders with Adjustable Feed Saver Lip

Chore-Time's AQUA FEEDER® Hog Feeding System is an industry-leading wet/dry feeder with a reputation for efficiency and durability that has been gained through years of performance. The Adjustable Feed Saver Lip feature of these wet/dry feeders helps hog producers to shrink feed and water waste for less manure handling. These wet/dry feeders are designed for use in wean-market facilities with hogs from 12 to 280 lbs. (5 to 125 kg).

Product Features and Advantages


  • Adjustable Feed Saver Lip on feed trough helps prevent feed waste while providing easier access for small pigs.

  • Hogs get fresh feed several times each day.

  • Ideal for center-pen or fence-line feeding configurations.

  • Hogs gain access to feed by pushing paddles, and they moisten the feed by pushing the nipple drinkers to mix feed and water to their liking.

  • Allows hogs to easily move from feed to water at the same station without side restrictions or barriers.

  • Solid divider panels in feed trough reduce waste and mortality while increasing durability.

  • 14-inch (36-cm) head spacing is standard for all wean-finish feeders.

  • Top quality welded 304 Series stainless steel construction of feeder, trough and drinking system.

  • Designed to prevent feed bridging in feeders.

  • Feed reservoir cannot be contaminated from feed trough.

  • Convenient and precise feed level adjustment.

  • Easy installation and cleaning.

Quad Wean-Market AFQ2x32WFA ST65099 32 81 50 12-280 5-125
Wean-Market AF3x42WFA ST65098 42 107 60 12-280 5-125



INCHES               CM




POUNDS             KG